Wednesday, September 02, 2009

stork surprise

girls are terrible. and try and tell me this isn't soon as a friend starts dating someone new, our minds run wild with questions -

what his last name?
so if you guys got married, you would be holly horndorff??

- or even better -

i wonder what your babies would look like?
see, you know it's true.
so naturally when i heard one of my gal pals was seeing a new gentleman, question #2 immediately sprung into my head. particularly because she is so absolutely effortlessly beautiful and he was best described to me as a very young jeff goldblum. i had to know what their hybrid would turn out like. and that's when i found...


it is hysterical brilliance. i started playing right away. the next thing i knew, an hour had passed. if BE and i reproduce, our spawn would be demonlike. just look at it...

 it's a mutant baby.

sis and MZ's kid definitely would be the looker of the family. love the baby comb over. for some reason, i keep seeing bernard madoff in this babe.
i still can't stop laughing. each one i create gets funnier and funnier.


  1. So you knew we were all going to try this out... Wonder why my kid is in a duck suit?

  2. very funny you ask Martine-- I was wondering why my child is wearing a pirate hat...

  3. kelly's baby is CUTE! start makiing babies pronto!