Tuesday, September 08, 2009

awestruck for chuck

chuck taylors remind me of going back to school. when i was growing up, i had a pair of navy blue, hunter green, and white plaid ones. i think i was in the 4th grade and when i got them, i thought, "wow, look at me now." well actually, probably not 4th grade because on the first day of that year, i walked into my classroom with two matching casts from my wrists to my shoulders....i looked like a female version of frankenstein coming after you with her big, bad perpendicular arms. yeah, so i probably wasn't saying, "wow, look at me now" on the first day of 4th grade. anyway, there is something so classic and american about chuck taylors. almost twenty years later, i have a white pair that i love.

yes, they squeak when i walk.

yes, the massive rubber toe is so big i often trip walking down 7th avenue.

yes, my feet look like two large white cruise ships in them.

but i still majorly crush those guys. and they still make me feel cool to this day.

so to all our little cousins and all our friend's children (sis, do you have any friends with kids yet? yeah, that's an awesome reality check) - we wish you a great first day of school. you are cool. chuck taylors or not. and don't let anyone else tell you otherwise.

(photo credit - vi.sulaize.us)

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