Tuesday, September 08, 2009

my 'really, really' friend

do you have a beautiful friend?

like a really, really beautiful friend?

and on top of being really, really beautiful, she is really, really genuine and really, really fantastic which makes her even more really, really beautiful?

well i do.

meet ashley. she is my really, really, really beautiful, genuine, and fantastic friend.

and today is her birthday. i've never stopped loving her even when she didn't want to be in troop 92 back in elementary school. i didn't win her over in middle school either. and then in high school, we parted ways and were rivals. but in college, i was determined to make her mine and i never let go since.

ash, wishing you a perfect evening with your perfect fiance. i hope it ends with 27 wishes coming true. i love you much.

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