Wednesday, September 16, 2009

number one

yesterday was a first for my friends.

i have witnessed many things with these girls. and through it all, no special moment with them has ever ceased to amaze me.

we've graduated together.
we've started many new jobs - some even together.
we've traveled all over the globe together.
we've fallen in love many times together.
we've had six engagements.
we've had five weddings.
we even have our first baby on the way.

but yesterday was a first for us. and for of all the momentous occasions we've experienced together, yesterday was truly a first. and while it was hard and very new yet so real to each of us, it reminded me why these are girls are never going anywhere. they are the kind of friends you never want to let go of because no matter what, they will always, and i mean, always, be there. they will be there the first time. they will be there the last time. they will be there every time.

never fails.

i hope you have friends like mine. and if you do, you are really lucky.

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