Friday, April 30, 2010

go grease lightening

i. die. for. sandra. d.
and now i am channeling her with these pants. grease has always been my favorite movie and when the european sales woman at j.crew handed me the pants to "just to see how they fit," i knew i was in trouble. i put those bad boys on and instantly fell in love. the zipper at the ankles give the pants a little rocker edge, while the zipper up the cheeks make you feel like you belong in the pink ladies with rizzo and the gang. after i save up my dollars to buy these, i imagine i'll add some more sass with peep toe black heels and a flowy colorful tank.

watch out danny zuko, here i come.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

go grΣΣk - my grecian pasta salad

we recently hired a new employee at work and i put together a little roof top luncheon to welcome him to the gang. everyone brought a side dish to share and i decided to contribute with this crazy easy pasta salad. i kind of just threw things in here that i thought would go good together. it turned out wonderful - one of my coworkers even mentioned it being the best pasta salad she's ever had.

1 lb. mini cheese-filled raviolis (i used the trader joe's brand)
12 oz. marinated artichokes, drained and chopped (reserving liquid for later)
1/3 cup black olives, sliced
1 cup sun-dried tomatoes, sliced
4 cups fresh spinach, chopped
6 oz. crumbled feta
juice of half a lemon

cook pasta according to directions. rinse and cool under cold water until it reaches room temperature. combine rest of ingredients with pasta, seasoning with s&p. pour lemon juice and reserved artichoke marinade liquid over pasta salad, mixing well to combine flavors.  let rest 1 hour in fridge before serving for best results. enjoy!

nine lives

those novogratzs are really good at two things.  making babies and making homes. and i'm crushing them for it. 

i have been waiting for their new show, 9 by design, to premiere since last april.  back then, their book was about to hit stands and the buzz about their brood was really starting to hum.  i got the book a few months ago and flip the pages when, per usual, scheming up my dreamhouse.  it's safe to say my affection for cortney, bob, wolfie, bellamy, tallulah, breaker, five, holly, and baby major is steadily heating up - and this article warmed it up even more.  or maybe it's cortney's quote in the final paragraph -

“i had really big dreams and i’m not done..i grew up in a small town, i wanted the things i wanted and i’m going to go fight for them. life’s just out there for the taking.”

some snaps of their casa just a few blocks from me. field trip?

(photo credits -,

fan mail: bare necessities

one of my oldest childhood friends, kate, finally admitted it to herself and realized she couldn't stay away forever. our girl is back on the right sorry, san diego. only this girl could make a decision after a crazy dream one night, get herself an interview in a hot second, then get the job in the next minute, sell all of her cali possessions, pack up, move cross country, AND buy her first very own home sweet home. only kate the great.

so this brings me to her sweet email -

since i'm all grown up now, i need a grown up condo - and need some help buying furniture/decorating in general. i'm assuming this is something that might be fun for you? i sold everything in CA so i'm literally starting from scratch. i won't be able to buy everything right away but i definitely need the essentials in the next 1-2 months. do you think you could start thinking of ideas for me? for example, I'll need a couch/coffee table asap...

so here we are, kate. and you are going to be the first highlight of my portfolio (yeah, i need to do it.) i have been channeling all kinds of ideas for your very first home (see below).  but here is our starting point, friends.

before i start getting crazy...question for you, kate – what did you buy so far?
did you get the couch?

did you get the media console?

now this is what i dream for you.

(photo credits - i wish i could remember where i got these images but they have been sitting in my style files for so sorry. i do know one is loft and found's former nyc digs!)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

meet and greet

it's safe to say if you have received a card from me in the past two years, i picked it up at greenwich letterpress in my hood.  what the sweet lil shop lacks in size, it makes up for in witty charm, originality, and inspiration. 

bonnie tsang so beautifully captures the essence of what is easily my most favorite shop in new york.

i can't get enough of their greeting cards.  in particular, i heart these.

shine on, sweet sunshine

it's back and we're thankful.
i really appreciate those quick turn-arounds when someone out there hears me, and asks the clouds to part.

(photo credits -

i spy a gray sky

make the most of it.

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Friday, April 23, 2010

spring for peas: spring green risotto

i found this recipe from one of my favorite foodies, annie. she developed this creation after she was inspired by the one and only, ina garten.  it's the perfect show stopper to kick off your spring with a bang. the risotto highlights fresh, seasonal ingredients like peas, asparagus and leeks. the lemon zest take it to another level, perfuming the entire dish and adding that extra oomph. i followed her recipe almost exactly - the only change i made was to use chive flavored cream cheese in lieu of the mascarpone cheese and fresh chives. i paired the creamy risotto with a simple spinach topped with a tangy balsamic dressing.

i took a picture of my version, but it just didn't compare to the one annie took - so i'm showcasing hers instead.  check out the full recipe.

(image credit -

Thursday, April 22, 2010

loving leigh & luca

i've been spotting leigh & luca scarves all over nyc.  i've decided i really need one and must start saving up my pennies.  i have my eye on the classic cotton white and chain.  good thing it's sold out right now. but so many others to choose from.

green GURU

as promised, a few because sis said so endorsements for our favorite green go-tos. 

a b.s.s.s. staple...and free shipping today (enter code earth10 at checkout)

rachel ray's garbage bowl made of pure recycled plastic.  a must in the kitchen for a messy chef

filtered stainless water bottle. rachel zoe approved

"i am not a paper cup"

perfect for your earth day picnic

it is easy being green.

get your earth on

preferably with these cupcakeshappy earth day, lovies.  stay tuned for our must-have, favorite green products later in the day.

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

the paris market

don't be fooled.  this market is not located in THE paris. but in "gaw-gia" - as in the great state of georgia and imagine hearing that in my dear friend, lorrie's best southern drawl.

a few months back, she visited savannah with her parents and shared this sweet lil story with me - "while there, we strolled down broughton street which is the town’s “main street” for shopping. i came across the most femininely fantastic store called the paris market. think of all the pretty, vintage, french-inspired pieces found in anthropologie located in one spot...aaand, it also has an old-fashioned candy/creamery counter. i instantly felt it was a YOU store."

oh and lor, you are so right. i'm not so sure i'm headed to the peach state anytime soon...but in the meantime, just had to share my favorite trinkets.

and there is a collection of these...good comedy

imagine a wall of these frenchie notes in clean, white frames

a cutter for your sugar cookies anytime of year

card reads..."i know right. stella has nothin on my new kitten heels." loves it and there's more.

oh and the paris market has its own blog too. nice.