Wednesday, April 07, 2010

key to my heart

last week, while sis was home, i got a taste of what it's like to be an interior decorator - well maybe more like an assistant. she dragged me to store after store, searching for accessories to adorn cotton top. i walked aimlessly through the aisles, having no idea what i was supposed to be looking for.  my fascination = kitchen gadgets.  sis's fascination = different shades of stained wooden frames.  she really is a pro (even if she doesn't have the fancy degree) - she has that instinct we all wish we had.  sis just knows what goes together and what should be left on the shelf.

while on our excursions, i took notice to a fun trend.  (granted, i would've settled for people watching, but sis says i'm no good at being discrete.) so back to the fun trend - vintage keys. i'm a sucker for anything that looks antique even if there isn't a fancy story behind it. i took some pictures in the store to give sis some inspiration, but i also found some other really creative ideas.

a key display taken at local pottery barn store

another snap from PB.  vintage pictures of doors in a shadow box with the keys pinned on.

stencil of keys by your front door - you can't forget them this way!

a chalkboard and a place to hang your keys - what more can you ask more?

more inspiration from sis's holy mecca, PB

even urban outfitters is jumping on the bandwagon

so here's my first stab at a design post.  how'd i do?

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