Wednesday, April 21, 2010

the paris market

don't be fooled.  this market is not located in THE paris. but in "gaw-gia" - as in the great state of georgia and imagine hearing that in my dear friend, lorrie's best southern drawl.

a few months back, she visited savannah with her parents and shared this sweet lil story with me - "while there, we strolled down broughton street which is the town’s “main street” for shopping. i came across the most femininely fantastic store called the paris market. think of all the pretty, vintage, french-inspired pieces found in anthropologie located in one spot...aaand, it also has an old-fashioned candy/creamery counter. i instantly felt it was a YOU store."

oh and lor, you are so right. i'm not so sure i'm headed to the peach state anytime soon...but in the meantime, just had to share my favorite trinkets.

and there is a collection of these...good comedy

imagine a wall of these frenchie notes in clean, white frames

a cutter for your sugar cookies anytime of year

card reads..."i know right. stella has nothin on my new kitten heels." loves it and there's more.

oh and the paris market has its own blog too. nice.

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