Wednesday, September 30, 2009

hot coco

which one are you?

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mad for plaid

i think it was in 8th grade that the grungy, punk look was cool for about a minute. i can admit i rocked JNCO pipe-style jeans and dingy flannels because i thought it would get me in with the popular girls. i'm happy to say by 9th grade, preppy gap, its matching polo shirts and cableknit cardigans took over and reigned my closet.

now 13 years later, i can also gladly report that plaid is resurfacing again. the trend now gives off that laid back, hang with the best of 'em, i'm trying but i'm not trying too hard look. i'm convinced our male counterparts out there fancy it too. the best part - this time around, i'm wearing it because i think i'm already somewhat cool. now if only i had saved all those shirts from 1996. check out a few of my faves on the current wish list...

if you're hot for any of them,
drop a line and i'll tell you where to snatch it up.

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at your service

since moving back home, i have quickly learned my pecking order in the house - provider of food/culinary specialist/kitchen manager or my favorite - cotton top court's personal chef. peg doesn't dig on the cooking, so i have offered my services in exchange for free room and board. not too shabby.

here's what i got going on for the rest of this week:

1. roasted beef tenderloin with creamy mashed potatoes and homemade gravy

2. chicken with lemon caper sauce, roasted asparagus, and mashed potato cakes

3. blackened salmon with garlic rice and crunchy green beans

stay tuned for pictures and recipes later in the week. and to all in the cotton top court vicinity, you are welcome anytime for fine dining with the paper-fagans.

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

coloring book

a few times, i've been asked what makes a bookshelf look cool. it's all about mix and can throw in a picture frame here and there or stack a few books and stand others up next to it. you could also add a vintage clock or even a mini globe. but that's just basics.

the easiest idea of all without having to buy anything - make yourself a rainbow. color code your books. it's all the rage and turns out pretty pretty too. check it out.

granted i don't have much of a book collection...but it's a start. if i can do can do it.

now it doesn't have to rain when when you wish for a rainbow.

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row, row, row your boat

i've wanted to make this little adventure happen for awhile now but just haven't gotten around to it. furthermore, i have no idea how to sail but i think i would make a really cute sailor.

the next time you're in new york city or if you're already my neighbor, why not hop aboard and catch the big apple by water? i've heard it is just delightful. reasons to see new york by sea -

1. you could quite possibly win 'date night of the year' with this one
2. great excuse to wear nautical stripes, boat shoes and a captain's hat
3. you can drink and sail...hey, you're not behind the wheel. complimentary cocktails on board
4. miss liberty is open for viewing all year round

and i am pretty sure i would wear this...all i need is my vintage (yes, cause i'm old now) delta gamma sailor hat. ahoy!

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Monday, September 28, 2009

comeback kids

long time no see.

sorry for our absence the past couple days or is it weeks now?? we've been packing and painting. sis has been all over painting peg's casa and prepping it for my arrival. yeah, i'm moving home. just wish sis had stayed and didn't go back to new york city.

anyway, we're making a comeback. stay tuned tomorrow. we missed ya.

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Friday, September 18, 2009

not your typical tuna: dill tuna steaks

this past week i spent in kiawah isaland, south carolina was one of the best of my life. we enjoyed wonderful weather, peaceful days, endless bike rides and delicious meals. on our trip we ate lots of seafood including fresh crabs, shrimp cocktails, orange ruffy, halibut, grouper and the best of them all: dill tuna steaks.

matty whipped these up for us one of the first nights there. it was a real simple and easy recipe that tasted fantastic, not to mention the presentation was delightful.

2 large tuna steaks
1 lemon slices for garnish

1 lemon, juice and zest
1-2 tablespoons of dried dill


preheat oven to 400 degrees. mix together last 4 ingredients in small mixing bowl. place tuna steaks in baking dish and pour marinade over. let sit for a couple of minutes to soak in, but not too long because the acidity of the lemon will break down the fish. bake for 10-12 minutes based on your preference. i don't like my tuna rare so we cooked it a bit longer. garnish with lemon wedges (cut in half) and a sprinkle of more dried dill and you have yourself a wonderful piece of fish.

there's the cook.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

fall forward

fall is here.
it's our favorite.
we have so much to look forward to, friends.

camp it out

layer up with lovah

stay warm all over

spice me

join me for a car ride?

back to books...i would some glasses like hers

perfect lil pumpkins

tasty fall eye candy

i'm looking forward to everything in this backseat, please

cozy cableknit

who can resist?

pick your own apple

make pie!

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

number one

yesterday was a first for my friends.

i have witnessed many things with these girls. and through it all, no special moment with them has ever ceased to amaze me.

we've graduated together.
we've started many new jobs - some even together.
we've traveled all over the globe together.
we've fallen in love many times together.
we've had six engagements.
we've had five weddings.
we even have our first baby on the way.

but yesterday was a first for us. and for of all the momentous occasions we've experienced together, yesterday was truly a first. and while it was hard and very new yet so real to each of us, it reminded me why these are girls are never going anywhere. they are the kind of friends you never want to let go of because no matter what, they will always, and i mean, always, be there. they will be there the first time. they will be there the last time. they will be there every time.

never fails.

i hope you have friends like mine. and if you do, you are really lucky.

my inner fat girl comes out: bacon potato salad, creamy deviled eggs with bacon bits, mini pepperjack sliders, lemon-pepper chicken skewers, bbq meatballs, & tomato, cucumber and feta salad

this past sunday, the fam and i decided to have an end of summer/welcome tailgating season party at the house. we fired up the grill, threw back some brewskies, and watched the tv light up in maroon and gold. nice try, redskins.

anyway, peg put me in charge of the menu. so i opted for a few of my summer favorites and quickly realized i had forgotten my inner fat girl would be joining us for dinner -

bacon potato salad
creamy deviled eggs with bacon bits
mini pepperjack sliders
lemon-pepper chicken skewers
bbq meatballs
tomato, cucumber and feta salad

here's how i did it:

bacon potato salad
boil potato cubes until tender (test with fork) - make sure not too mushy. fry up some bacon. in bowl, cut up and mix up diced carrots, celery, green onions, and chopped bacon. once potatoes cool, mix with vegetables, bacon, s&p, dijon mustard, and equals parts of light sour cream and light mayo. add condiments until you hit your desired creaminess.

creamy deviled eggs with bacon bits
hard boil eggs and let cool. cut in half and place egg yolks in mixing bowl. stir in crumbled bacon, light mayo, dijon mustard, and s&p. scoop back into egg whites and garnish with paprika and parsley leaves.

mini pepperjack sliders
combine ground beef with worcestershire sauce, hamburger seasoning, parsley, minced garlic and s&p. form into mini burgers and grill up. let pepperjack cheese melt before placing on mini burger buns. love all things mini. because you can eat more.

lemon-pepper chicken skewers
combine lemon zest, lemon juice, minced garlic, evoo and s&p. marinate chicken in mixture for up to one hour. cut chicken, bell peppers and red onion into bite size pieces. stack chicken and veggies on wooden skewers and grill up. be sure to soak skewers for at least one hour in water to prevent them from getting toasty.

bbq meatballs
stir up frozen meatballs and bbq sauce in slow cooker. use enough bbq sauce to coat balls. cook on low for two hours and you're done. how simple is that? i used a chipotle honey bbq sauce for that extra kick.

tomato, cucumber and feta salad
mix together chopped tomatoes, cukes, minced red onion, crumbled feta cheese, and a greek vinaigrette. sprinkle with s&p and you're done. i threw in some parsley too because i had it on hand. and it's pretty.

i realize i didn't include any measurements...these recipes are oldies and goodies so i just make it up as i go along. but feel free to email if you need more specifics.

in closing, i can say the inner fat girl was happy and so was the clan.