Friday, September 04, 2009

fresh off the farm

often during the drive out to the hamptons this summer, i felt like we would never get there. but as soon as the family fruit and vegetable stands started popping up, i knew we were getting close. once you cross over into hamptons territory, all along the two lane highway, families literally show off the 'fruits of their labor.' regretfully, i never stopped to pick up any fresh goodies but i wish i had. something about a roadside country market screams summer. so as we say goodbye to the final weekend of summer and you perhaps come across one, stop at the stand and pick up some fresh snacks. you will be thankful you did and so will the farmers. if i see one on the way out to the beach this weekend, i'm stopping. and i mean it.

speaking of outdoor markets, the closest thing i visited to one recently was the public market towards the end of pike street in seattle. can you imagine if this place was just outside your door? i would be there every morning. if you ever get a chance to visit the left coast, venture up to seattle and meander through pike's market. you just have to. and please bring me home some tulips. thank you kindly.

oh the tulips. you make me want to fill my basket and then fill every empty vase in my home

anything fresh and green your lil heart desires, you shall have

these pictures don't even do emerald city's seafood justice. it was a crustacean paradise

kiss the fish

bye bye seattle. see ya next time.

(photo credits - & me)

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