Wednesday, September 02, 2009

big thanks. literally.

a few months back, i sat down with katie brown, eager to gain a little insight into her lifestyle/cooking/decorating/nesting empire. oh and did i. i met katie at her newly renovated brownstone in brooklyn and was instantly welcomed. she shared her story of how she, her brand, and her product line were launched. within minutes of our meet and greet, it was clear that she has limitless surges of energy and her infinite creativity knows no bounds. but that's not what this post is about.

after i met with katie, i realized i had to think of out of the box and get a thank you note over to in a jiffy. i remembered jordan ferney of oh happy day making her husband a supersized valentine back in february. and that's where my idea was spawned...

start with a piece of notebook paper...and write your note

take your 8.5x11" piece of notebook paper to kinko's and supersize it. i think mine ended up being a little over 2x3'.

grab some cutesy ribbon and make a cutesy tag

roll up - poster style - and tie on cutesy note-adorned cutesy ribbon.

place in mailing tube and off to the post office you go.

my only qualm about jordan's version of the project - she told me it would only cost $4 to have it blown up...try $20 plus. but i think it was because the printer likely ripped me off on way-to-fancy poster paper and because i had color in my note. so go black and white....same effect for less pennies.

whoever gets your massive memo will just love it...promise.
katie even told me so.

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