Tuesday, September 29, 2009

coloring book

a few times, i've been asked what makes a bookshelf look cool. it's all about mix and match...you can throw in a picture frame here and there or stack a few books and stand others up next to it. you could also add a vintage clock or even a mini globe. but that's just basics.

the easiest idea of all without having to buy anything - make yourself a rainbow. color code your books. it's all the rage and turns out pretty pretty too. check it out.

granted i don't have much of a book collection...but it's a start. if i can do it...you can do it.

now it doesn't have to rain when when you wish for a rainbow.

(photo credits - aliciabdesigns.blogspot.com, apartmenttherapy.com, blog.hgtv.com, bookrabbit.com, flickr.com, isuwannee.com, macariojamesdesign.com, ohandtheworldspinsmadlyon.blogspot.com, paloma81.blogspot.com)

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