Friday, September 04, 2009

my own version of heaven

this weekend, i'm leaving for a vacation to kiawah island with MZ's family. all i can think about is how i am not going to be sticking to my diet. i don't believe diet & exercise goes with vacation. however, i do believe the word vacation goes with the word chip.

anyone who even slightly knows me, knows i have a love/love relationship with chips. ton (stepdad) jokes that i'm not a good person to share a bag of chips with because the other person will only get the crumbs. whenever someone tells me they had chips for lunch, i just have to ask, "well, what kind? did you have a dip to go with those?" i like to think it's genetic. peg loves a good chip and dip combo as well.

so i got to thinking - i should write a blog post on my favorite chip. this is no small task as i've never met a chip i didn't like. so i narrowed it down to my top 6 favorites because i could not even narrow it down to 5.

miss vickie's jalapeno kettle cooked chips

lay's sour cream and onion chips


cool ranch doritos

ruffles original potato chips with homemade french onion dip

tostitos chips and queso dip (peg's #1)

mini sourdough pretzels with hidden valley buttermilk ranch

if i had to guess sis's favorites, i would say it's a close tie between crunchy cheetos and bbq chips. am i right sis?

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  1. What kind of chips were they?!?!?!


  2. omg sad that I knew 5 out of the 6! love you and your chip obsession...I cannot eat them w/o thinking of you:) love you kell!