Tuesday, September 08, 2009

sayonara sweet summer

coming back from fire island on monday night, there was no denying that fall is right around the corner. my last sweet summer day was spent wearing a hooded sweatshirt with a towel wrapped around my legs with a big circle of women i barely knew but felt like i had known forever. even with the sunshine beaming down on my face and my freckles still quenching every last ray, i knew it was time. time to kiss summer goodbye and welcome fall with a big huge hug.

but then on the drive home, my heart ached a little. so until summer returns again, just scroll below. you will feel the sunshine. and don’t worry, she will be back soon enough.

(photo credits - audreyhepburncomplex.tumblr.com, flickr.com, vi.sualize.us, youaremyfave.com)

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  1. oh sis! you forgot one photo - http://www.swapmeetdave.com/Humor/Cats/CatsSunbathing.jpg