Wednesday, September 30, 2009

mad for plaid

i think it was in 8th grade that the grungy, punk look was cool for about a minute. i can admit i rocked JNCO pipe-style jeans and dingy flannels because i thought it would get me in with the popular girls. i'm happy to say by 9th grade, preppy gap, its matching polo shirts and cableknit cardigans took over and reigned my closet.

now 13 years later, i can also gladly report that plaid is resurfacing again. the trend now gives off that laid back, hang with the best of 'em, i'm trying but i'm not trying too hard look. i'm convinced our male counterparts out there fancy it too. the best part - this time around, i'm wearing it because i think i'm already somewhat cool. now if only i had saved all those shirts from 1996. check out a few of my faves on the current wish list...

if you're hot for any of them,
drop a line and i'll tell you where to snatch it up.

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