Tuesday, September 01, 2009

don't tell the groom

and by groom, i mean that boy out there who has no idea i'm marrying him someday. uh huh, him.

i figured this post would compliment sis's entry last week about her dream dress. so yeah, shhh....don't tell unnamed groom yet. or show him but someday, my dream dress will feature all the following details. i suppose carolina or vera or monique will have no problem whipping it up.

precious polka dots

or maybe swiss dots...

perhaps a saucy dip in the front
romantic layers of bright white

and lastly, i'm thinking baby bows instead of baby buttons.

perfection, right?

(photo credits - i can't remember where i found them all but i know the first two are carolina herrera, the saucy front dip one is reem acra, and the others i'm blanking. if i ever come across these dresses again, i will be sure to update! some images from moniquelhuillier.com, partypop.com, ritzybee.typepad.com)

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