Monday, August 31, 2009

zoe speaks. i listen. i repeat.

watching my idol right now.

a new bit of rachel zoe slang has hit the air and now hit my vocabulary.

"i rock their stuff left, right and center."

it's like godspeak.

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eye spy...

...freckly faced models.
it took me a long time to appreciate mine and now i wish they would never go away. summer is winding down but hopefully the sunshine won't and my freckles will stay out for just a while longer. i am no supermodel but i've got freckles like them. if not more. i told BE the other day, it looks like i have five o'clock shadow going on.
and the queen of all the freckly-faced super models of the world...miss maggie rizer.
she paved the way for showing off a game of connect-the-dots on my mug.

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quick fire challenge: bruschetta with a twist

need an appetizer in a flash? i was at the point of starvation last week and needed something to hold me over until dinner. i turned to my mishmashed fridge and had to work with whatever was in there -

fresh diced tomatoes
mozzarella cheese wrapped with prosciutto (check out the link just in case you're confused)
sliced sour dough bread
fresh basil

toast bread in oven for 5 minutes. once bread is toasted, cut clove of garlic in half and rub cut side down all over top of bread. in bowl, mix together tomatoes, the meat-wrapped cheese, evoo, and s&p. spoon on top of warm bread. place back in the oven and broil for 1-2 minutes...until cheese is melted. sprinkle with basil and you're done. how simple is that?

take that top chef.

brooklyn brownstone bliss

a few months prior to its final curtain, domino featured a house tour of jenna lyons' brooklyn brownstone in their november 2008 edition. i remember coming across it very vividly. i was walking down seventh avenue last fall when i spotted jenna sitting pretty on the cover of that very glossy edition. i had to have it at that moment and immediately chose not to wait for my very own copy to arrive in the mail. on my stroll home, i flipped through the pages and sighed and hearted and marveled over the lyons' home sweet home. you gotta figure the girl behind j.crew's consummate creativity would have one sweet abode. then again today, i spotted her casa at Livingetc too.

the vibe i get from their home is lived in but low maintenance. i adore the contrast of natural home-i-ness and subtle touches of glamour. my favorite piece of advice offered up by mrs. lyons - never let your home be 'finished' but rather, constantly evolving. i love that.

picturesque park slope

mr. and mrs. lyons ready and waiting to greet you at the door.

look what those yellow chairs do for the living room. instant POP.

great shot of living room into dining room...i would really like to be invited over.

mix and match that really works

that's future dining room shall have a fireplace and a child's vintage car too

oh hey jenna. nice to see you're waiting for me in the kitchen. charcoal cabinetry, white counter tops, chrome color combo heaven
the kitchen and sunshine pour into their delicious sunroom.
all this room is missing is me.

bed and bath brilliance - blackboard paint, white linens, tapestry area rugs, espresso wood floors, and a cozy fireplace.
can you imagine having this closet? more importantly, can you imagine having everything in this closet?

and lil beckett's room...the ceiling is so whimsical and charming. easily my favorite room in the house because the lyons abandoned traditional bubblegum pink and baby boy blue. who would've thought?
and a backyard in new york city?? lucky ducks

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

instant art

it's not a new idea. but it is a great idea. and one that i would like to get on top of very soon. i will need to buy that polaroid camera and matching film to make it happen here soon. add it to the project list.

speaking of photos, i heard this today...

"life is like photography, you develop from the negative."

i like.

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Friday, August 28, 2009


despite whatever you have planned for the rest of this year, i ask that you please get yourself to a taylor swift concert. went last night...

she she shut it down
killed it (rachel zoe would die)
blew my socks off
hit it out of the park.

she is s a s s y. and i mean in a real good way.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

make room for manhattan

what seems like just yesterday, i made the move to new york city. since arriving in the big apple, i've been waiting for everyone else to join me up here and make this city their home too.

reality check: not everyone can just up and move...or even want to live here. but that got me thinking - why can't a little new york live with you?

at least from inside the shower, you'll feel like you're looking out on nyc - get yours.

the nyc hood poster...i bet they have your city too.

can't see nyc out your window. just gaze at your wall....all three up for sale.

rest your new york, york sleepy head.

i want this and i already live in here.

hello from the greatest city on earth...

a modern big apple accent

good night moon. good night big city.

lights out.

fyi, sis - this does not apply to you.
you cannot sub nyc-inspired home decor for the real thing.
i'm ready for your arrival any day now.

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i die...

...for my j.crew wedding dress.
this pearly white, little gem arrived in my inbox yesterday from j.crew weddings. i swear my barbie doll had the exact same wedding dress on her big day.
simplicity at its finest. loving the empire waist - makes anyone look oh-so-tiny.
some precious pockets to hold your things. particularly for me - a love note, my vows because i will forget them, tissues, an an airplane bottle of jaeger to calm the nerves.
oh the beautiful detail on the back! just the right amount of buttons without being too complicated for late night.

priced at a mere $2,295. it's totally worth it.
peg will understand.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

girl crush: rachel mcadams

blonde hair, brown hair.
dressed up, dressed down.
boyfriend, boyfriend-less.
red lips, nude lips.
we'll take her anyway we can get her.
why? because we adore her.

we give you...girl crush #2 - miss rachel mcadams.

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