Wednesday, August 05, 2009

boyfriend bound

it's a myth. you don't need a boyfriend to wear these bad boys. but the idea behind them is pretty great....grab your boy toy's jeans, slide in, and let 'em hang.

i'm a huge fan and they're everywhere these days. each time i think i found the best pair, i come across a new one that beats the last. here's a rundown of my own pairs...and looks that i'm loving these days. sans boyfriend.

#3 these were the first ones i snatched up. i think i was suckered into buying them because they were the first pair that i really noticed. i remember opening up a new j.crew catalog, seeing one of the gals wearing them, and thinking, "i can pull that off." so too many dollars later, i owned m very own pair of vintage slim selvedge jean in cowgirl vintage wash. looking back now, not soft enough, not enough slouch, not enough holes. live and learn...but hey, on sale now.

#2a close second is this pair - j. crew's distressed vintage slim jean in antique destroyed wash. i caved because they are so perfectly distressed. easily, the softest pair of jeans i own. my only gripe - they are too long. so when i roll, it looks (and feels) like i'm wearing ankle weights. hey, could be a good cANKLE workout. on sale now.
and coming in as my #1 favorite pair....

hands down, madewell's ex-boyfriend jeans win the big trophy. it's love. this pair has it all - hits the perfect spot right below the hips, delicately distressed in all the right places, just the right amount of holes, easy to roll up. and of course, they were the cheapest - go figure.

hoping to pull off someday...reese can do no wrong...
and neither can j.crew.
and look what the real people are sporting....loving it.

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