Thursday, August 13, 2009

change of address request

i feel like if you frequent a bar enough, spend just a bit more than a lot of money there, and meet and greet with the staffers and patrons on the regular, then you should be allowed to move in. i promise to be a loyal and tidy tenant. i will continue to spend money at your bar, smile like i'm family, and even skip out for a few days here and there so other guests can stay for awhile.

so, that being said, i introduce you to my new home.

the surf lodge
183 edgemere street
montauk, ny 11954

isn't she a beauty?
welcome to my home. make yourself comfortable. old surf flicks play all day long.

sit down and put your feet up. stay awhile.

my living room is oh so warm and inviting.

like my bedroom?

like the view from my bedroom?

my office is to the left.

let's sit down, have a drink, and catch up. at my bar.

we could have dinner on my back deck sometime.

or a drink at the bar on my back deck.

please let me know when i can move in. chef sam talbot, i look forward to many home cooked meals from you.

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