Tuesday, August 18, 2009

better crocker wannabe: peach-blackberry cobbler

a few weeks ago, i asked sis for a little help in the kitchen considering i am cuisinely challenged. i was trying to come up with a summer fruity and fresh dessert treat to bring over to BE's parents' house. she suggested a peach almond tostada but i didn't have a whole lot of time to gather up all the ingredients. and the recipe seemed a bit over my amateur chef hat. but with her suggestion in mind, i found another recipe which featured that same summer fruitiness and freshness i was hoping for.

here's how my peach-raspberry (well actually blackberry) cobbler went down ---

use any summer fruits you like - but the peaches are a must
mix up the sugary crusty goodness

drop in the butter greased pan...paula dean would be proud

"where is the crusty goodness?" says fruit sitting patiently in butter greased pan.

"here i am..."

all covered up and ready to bake

so thanks for setting me in the right direction, sis...you proud? i would like to think i did a-ok.

it even tasted as good as the photo in the original recipe. those darn food prep artists.

(photo credit - myrecipes.com)

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