Wednesday, August 26, 2009

make room for manhattan

what seems like just yesterday, i made the move to new york city. since arriving in the big apple, i've been waiting for everyone else to join me up here and make this city their home too.

reality check: not everyone can just up and move...or even want to live here. but that got me thinking - why can't a little new york live with you?

at least from inside the shower, you'll feel like you're looking out on nyc - get yours.

the nyc hood poster...i bet they have your city too.

can't see nyc out your window. just gaze at your wall....all three up for sale.

rest your new york, york sleepy head.

i want this and i already live in here.

hello from the greatest city on earth...

a modern big apple accent

good night moon. good night big city.

lights out.

fyi, sis - this does not apply to you.
you cannot sub nyc-inspired home decor for the real thing.
i'm ready for your arrival any day now.

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