Friday, August 21, 2009

fan mail

dear sis and sis,

y'alls blog is an addiction.

it makes every morning a-ok here at work. i smile til my cheeks hurt and laugh til someone IMs me down the hall to ask what the hell is going on in there. i feel inspired and motivated in my personal life (the life that really matters, right?), not too mention you're sprucing up my creativity side.

to sum it up, i'm a smitten kitten.

you gals are so talented... what's next? a mag?

and what's for din tonight, sis?? i'll provide the vino.

sparky sis, you make our day shine a little bit more too. from the day we both laid eyes on you, it was looooooooooove.

and of course, we always welcome more feedback/suggestions/comments/gripes (we suppose) at

1 comment:

  1. i believe this picture was taken the night i yelled at the michael cera look alike because i thought he really was michael cera and he was lying to me.