Thursday, July 30, 2009

lost in the kitchen. help, sis: peach-almond crostada and chocolate-dipped marshmellows

so this is hopefully going to turn into a regular feature here on because sis said so. my fans are always asking me for recipe ideas whether it be for date night, a potluck dinner, an upcoming party, a holiday right around the corner, you get it. so consider me available...i sit ready and waiting to resolve your recipe riddles. so here we go with our first inquiry...conveniently from sis:

dear sis,

i'm headed over to BE's parents' house for a bbq on friday night. i don't want to show up empty handed so i'm thinking a dessert would be good...thoughts? i'm going for something fresh, summer-y, light, and EASY. help, sis. you got this. xxoo, sis

dear sis,

here's what i'm thinking. since you will be traveling to the bbq in a car, you will need something that does not need to be refrigerated or something that could potentially melt from all the love in that car. i immediately thought of a fresh fruit crostada (italian baked dessert tart...kind of like a pie). its summer-y, fresh, and EASY (it only has 9 ingredients). in addition to this, whenever i bring a dish to someone's house i always like to surprise them with just one more thing. i'm a lover of bite-sized edibles so i'm recommending chocolate-dipped marshmallows too. the fam can pop them in their mouths, thank you for the extra tasty morsel, and adore you for your creativity and cuteness!

so what would sis make:

peach-almond crostada
sprinkle with powdered sugar for the ultimate effect or top with ice cream if you can get there fast enough!

chocolate-dipped marshmallows
while the chocolate is still warm, top with dried apricots, candied ginger, coconut, or even sugared mint leaves.

happy cooking!

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