Wednesday, July 08, 2009

quad me.

one day i will have a dreamhouse and this dreamhouse will have at least four bedrooms. (so yes, that means this dreamhouse is gonna have to be transplanted outside of the big apple. unless i become a real housewife of nyc, which probably wouldn’t be all that bad.) but anyway, back to my dreamhouse with the dream bedrooms.

the other night, i was clicking through my own personal katie style files and mr. unnamed someone special was apparently looking over my shoulder. very matter-of-factly, he says, “so what’s the deal with all those beds you like?” not grasping his point, i asked what he meant…his response – “you like the four-post kinds.” and he was right. almost every image i collected of bedrooms included a four-post bed.

i never had one growing up so maybe the longing for one is coming from that. me and sis’s matching oak shaker-style twins were not that luxurious. there is something to be said for the depth the four posts create to a room. they can swap out the need for something to hang above your bed. they serve as an easy hook. maybe they remind me of the uber-fancy-schmancy ones you have to chalk up extra cash for at really nice hotels around the pool. hey, and if you’re even in the mood for a little something more, you can go princess-style and bring in a canopy. oh the options with a four-poster.

so is the four-post bed making a come back? i hope so. because dreamhouse wants them in the dream bedrooms.

for the record, this example is never ok. it will not make the dreamhouse.

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