Wednesday, July 29, 2009

fan mail

please know we're flattered anyone even tunes into our little project here. but what's even more thoughtful is when we receive a little fan mail. just had to share from our numero uno groupie, scotty leonard. he practically is a sis.


i have a problem. i think you can fix it. can you guys let the reader know who writes the article - you or katie? i can't always figure out who it is. and it upsets me. when i read things, i like to know the writer so i can hear their voice as I read along. and i just don't know which fagan voice to use, haha. kenny's voice popped out once to me.

scotty, that's the beauty of because sis said so. most of the posts would come out of either of our mouths. you will just have to keep guessing. but you can go ahead and assume none of them come from brother.

and of course, we always welcome more feedback/suggestions/comments/gripes (we suppose) at

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