Wednesday, July 29, 2009

loves it

in the past 24 hours, i have discovered/accepted/found/realized the following fixations are must-have elements in my life. these are minor obsessions which are on the way to scooting their way over the MAJOR column:

reid rosenthal - no explanation needed. we can fall in love over facebook. shhhh - what BE doesn't know, won't kill him.
holaaa mi amorrrrr.

decorno and her trip to italy. again, another person who forgot to pack me on their trip.

ben & jerry's chubby hubby. so many reasons to love thee, let me count the ways:
1. combo of pretzel and ice cream
2. added combo of chocolate and pretzels
3. bonus combo of peanut butter and chocolate
and we're talking a motherload of all three combos in just one bite. so bad but so so right.

ricky berens' ASSets - swimsuit malfunction, right? you, janet, and jt have a lot in common.

apartment therapy's classified seciton. didn't even know
this existed until today. brilliant. and you can pick your own city. while the bank account has no room to support any future purchases (unless from j.crew - come on, like i was gonna give that up), this is ideal for anyone striking out on ebay and craigslist.
freckles. this weekend, a friend said to me, "so basically your tan is when all your freckles start connecting together, right?" gulp, why yes, that's it, stupid boy. my freckles are out in full bloom and what's better than this print to remind you how perfectly 'in' they are right now.

dogeared necklaces. yeah, i had no idea what they were either. this weekend, i was grabbing bagels for my sharemates, and this sweet girl behind the deli counter in her finest longggg island accent said, "is that a dawwwgggg eeeeered necklace?" - referring to my gold chain necklace with a wishbone on it. i had to ask her again what she said, but nope, still not registering. i told her i actually just picked up at an airport while waiting for a flight. either way, she was right. so many darling choices.
baggu me. i spotted these guys a few months ago on another blog - i wanna say oh happy day. and oh how happy they make me. they join me everywhere - to the beach, to the grocery store, to the green market in union square. it really feels good to say, "no thanks, i don't need a bag." and best of all - they come in every color. it's as bad as trying to pick a polish.

that's all for worries, i'm sure more fixations will pop up soon.

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