Thursday, July 16, 2009

is it hot?

it’s true. i’ve been mia on my endeavors in the kitchen lately. i don't think i've cooked two consecutive meals in over two weeks. and that’s just crazy talk for this sis. i feel like i’ve been all over the place and had no time (or energy) to really plan out a menu and get to cooking. but when i return from jamaica next week, my game will be back. and i’ve got new cooking gadgets i need to try out – thanks to my roommates.

since i have nothing to write about cooking-wise, here’s a funny story for you.

so last week, after meeting a crazy work deadline, i rushed home one night to host book club. i ran into the ghetto safeway grocery store near my work for a bottle of their finest pour, yellow tail chardonnay. as i’m running up to the check-out counter (note - this store is so behind in the times, they don't even have a self-checkout line), i grab my pink (naturally) wallet out of my hand to speed up the process. as i'm pulling out my credit card to pay, the bag lady looks at me and says –

"where did you get that wallet?" (i'm instantly flattered thinking i've found another pink lover.)

"i’m pretty sure i got it at nordstrom – but not recentl------------"

before i can even finish my sentence, the woman says, "WAS IT HOT?"

i can feel my face turning red as i realize i have no idea what this woman is talking about. many thoughts run through my head before i utter out in confusion, "you mean do i like it? well yes, i've had it for awhile.”

sensing the uncertainty in my voice, the crazy lady asks the question again – “was it hotttt?” but this time, she cocks her hip to the side while raising her hand in the air and rubs her fingers together – signaling ‘ching ching.’

still puzzled, i ask, “you mean, was it expensive?"

"yes, was it hottttttttttt?" – for the third time…still signaling the money motion in her hand.

"ok…i see what you mean. no, i don't think so - it was only about $40."

"oh dang girl, that means it’s hot!" – complete with a lip smack.

and with that, i grabbed my wine, receipt, and head for the car. as i open the car door, i can't help but laugh out loud and think...

“when will i ever be cool enough to say things like that?"

and the answer is never. and that's just fine with me.

this book is on board with me to jamaica. good investment i figure. and no worries - amazon still has 34 new copies and 12 used ones available at the time of this posting. get yourself one.

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  1. hahahahahaha oh kelly love you:) hope you're having fun in Jamaica!!!!!