Friday, July 24, 2009

feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme, get on up, it's scotchies time

we're back from jamaica and i've been thinking about this blog post since the flight ride home. while the scenery was breathtaking and the “yea-mons” were flowing, i have to say the resort food was pretty much awful. for days, we lived off a diet of french fries, red stripes, and my hidden stash of pringles. our last night there, we were determined to experience a true jamaican fare. we interviewed every cab driver hoping one would give up the best local spot. to our surprise, each cabbie repeatedly boasted, “scotchies.”

i must say, sis loves some scotchies. we walked in and instantly, i was at home - the relaxed, happy-go-lucky atmosphere, cheap cuisine, mouth-watering spicy flavors, outdoor seating - it all really hit the spot.

the menu was short and sweet but covered all the basics:
1. one whole jerk chicken
2. black beans and rice
3. sweet potatoes
4. conch soup
5. breadfruit (when i asked what this was, the waitress shared, "yea mon, you will like. it's like a potato to you americans. yea mon.")

now let me try the best i can to do this meal justice --
the chicken - moist on the inside. spicy crunchy skin on the outside.

the black beans and rice - hit me with a unique smoky flavor.
the sweet potato - steamed to perfection with the just-right hint of sea salt.
the conch soup - the biggest surprise of the meal. i'll admit - i was definitely worried when boyfriend matt added this to his order. creamy, rich broth with a mild fish flavor. just delightful.
the breadfruit - waitress was right. it did taste like a potato and was perfect for kicking down the spice a few notches. this american enjoyed every bite.
is your mouth watering yet?? too bad we didn't find scotchies on day one.

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