Thursday, April 29, 2010

fan mail: bare necessities

one of my oldest childhood friends, kate, finally admitted it to herself and realized she couldn't stay away forever. our girl is back on the right sorry, san diego. only this girl could make a decision after a crazy dream one night, get herself an interview in a hot second, then get the job in the next minute, sell all of her cali possessions, pack up, move cross country, AND buy her first very own home sweet home. only kate the great.

so this brings me to her sweet email -

since i'm all grown up now, i need a grown up condo - and need some help buying furniture/decorating in general. i'm assuming this is something that might be fun for you? i sold everything in CA so i'm literally starting from scratch. i won't be able to buy everything right away but i definitely need the essentials in the next 1-2 months. do you think you could start thinking of ideas for me? for example, I'll need a couch/coffee table asap...

so here we are, kate. and you are going to be the first highlight of my portfolio (yeah, i need to do it.) i have been channeling all kinds of ideas for your very first home (see below).  but here is our starting point, friends.

before i start getting crazy...question for you, kate – what did you buy so far?
did you get the couch?

did you get the media console?

now this is what i dream for you.

(photo credits - i wish i could remember where i got these images but they have been sitting in my style files for so sorry. i do know one is loft and found's former nyc digs!)

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