Thursday, April 29, 2010

nine lives

those novogratzs are really good at two things.  making babies and making homes. and i'm crushing them for it. 

i have been waiting for their new show, 9 by design, to premiere since last april.  back then, their book was about to hit stands and the buzz about their brood was really starting to hum.  i got the book a few months ago and flip the pages when, per usual, scheming up my dreamhouse.  it's safe to say my affection for cortney, bob, wolfie, bellamy, tallulah, breaker, five, holly, and baby major is steadily heating up - and this article warmed it up even more.  or maybe it's cortney's quote in the final paragraph -

“i had really big dreams and i’m not done..i grew up in a small town, i wanted the things i wanted and i’m going to go fight for them. life’s just out there for the taking.”

some snaps of their casa just a few blocks from me. field trip?

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