Tuesday, January 19, 2010

a year in review and a look ahead

one of my favorite parts about a new year is getting a new planner.  it really gets me going.  when i was checking the back of my 2009 planner for important numbers, dates, and all that good stuff to transfer to my new shiny 2010 version, i found a list of things i wrote down titled, '2009 goals.'  lets see how i did:

  1. start a blog by march 2009.  ok, so it didn't happen by march, but it did happen.
  2. wear high heels more.  oh yes, this one i accomplished.  good friends will understand why this one happened.
  3. pay off debt.  surely paying it down but not nearly paying it off.  i live in nyc...it's a valid excuse.
  4. be more thankful and let people know it.  i hope you felt this one, friends.  
  5. get a new job. i say this one every year.  but working from home has gotten really nice. but expect some changes in 2010.
  6. save two months salary.  another good one.  yeah, not much adding up but we're getting there.
  7. go on two trips...one relaxing destination and one random location.  i always seem to check off the travel-related resolutions.  dominican republic and niagara falls/st. catherine's, canada.
  8. walk or subway more around the city. skip cabs.  this is one is a work on progress and will stay on the 2010 list.
  9. get a white couch. i got a soft gray couch.  and it's even better than the white one i had my eye on. i got a white chair!
  10. read 15 books.  hmmm, definitely read more but not 15 books.  highlights include eat, pray, love...something borrowed...baby proof...love the one you're with...the lovely bones...i hope they serve beer in hell (stay away from this one, girls)...90 minutes in heaven...are you there vodka? it's me, chelsea...family treeso i'm more than halfway there.  i'll knock the rest out in 2010. 
  11. get a bike.  i was very close to getting a bike.  had my huffy picked out and everything.  but then i realized i had no place to store it.  maybe this summer.
  12. tone muscles they call me 'muscles' these days....riiiight.
so with that recap, it's time to make the 2010 list.  sis and i each put together one.  keep us on our toes, people!

  1. try a new recipe every week...shoot for two.
  2. make a detailed family tree
  3. go on two trips - stamp my passport on one and travel to a us city i've never visited
  4. read 15 total books
  5. go to church at least once a month
  6. gym visits at least 4 times per week.  unless out of town but still make an effort
  7. pick up the phone more.  it takes such little effort to call and catch up.
  8. pay off debt - seriously. no excuses this year. 
  9. don't miss moments to do something nice for a stranger
  10. keep date night alive. our requirements include a random night of the week and it must be a new place (can't return to an old favorite)
  11. get a fancy-schmancy slr camera and maybe even take a photography class
  12. live the good life - light candles for no reason, open the windows more, try new foods, take naps when needed, be proud of myself for little accomplishments, be proud of myself for big accomplishments, pick up fresh flowers, you get it

  1. take cooking classes...an obvious one
  2. get over my fear of flying or find a doc that will give me xanax
  3. convince dad to take us to ireland to find our fellow fagans
  4. plan a girls trip to vegas
  5. talk to strangers more. you never know who you just might meet
  6. get abs like britney - circa 2002
  7. keep a journal of 2010’s events and memories
  8. take advantage of my backyard - try new dc restaurants, visit museums, tour the white house, attend more concerts
  9. cater at least 5 events
  10. curb my spending habits on dresses. i’m eventually gonna run out of monies 
  11. run a 10k and try not to die
  12. live in the moment - laugh harder, smile longer, forgive faster, go confidently more
can you guess whose list is whose??

(photo credit - vi.sualize.us)

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