Friday, January 15, 2010

a toast to our brides

the same exciting thing happend to us sisses this week. 
our two favorite brides asked us to be a part of their weddings.

when sis told me that one of her oldest friends, kim, asked her, she couldn't have been more elated. she was over-the-moon-excited for the fun parties leading up to the wedding, dresses, pictures, bachelorette weekend, makeup, hair, flowers, all that lovely bridesmaid stuff.  and i couldn't agree with her more - all those moments are so awesome.  but i have to tell you, sis, and i shared this with my darling bride, ashley, last night - nothing compares to the moments you share with the bride leading up to the wedding itself. 

watching them barely eat breakfast because deep down they're nervous nellies and won't admit it. seeing them step into their perfect dress. asking you a 100 times, "do i look ok?" when they couldn't look more angelic, more lovely, or more perfect.  riding in the limo or down the elevator together to the ceremony.  holding each other's hands while 1000 photographs are snapped away. watching them kiss their mom before walking down the aisle. there really is nothing like these precious moments so soak it up.

kim and ash - thank you again...we can't wait for your big days.

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  1. swoon. This put a big smile on my face. So happy for the brides:)