Tuesday, January 12, 2010

linen love

i have a love/hate relationship for serena and lily. they have found me and are now sending their catalog to my home sweet home.  it makes me want to scrap my bright white linens and start fresh. however, my wallet is saying, "no ma'am."  maybe down the road.

for the master suite...

for the little lady in your life...

for the mini mite...

and most importantly, for the babe and mommies out there...

(photo credits - serenaandlily.com)


  1. fagan! you and your sis have some great blogs. kate forwarded the one about bridesmaids and brides today and i got teary eyed. I get married in march (wahoo!) and Im going to make sure to enjoy all those little moments you are talking about!
    i miss your fun-loving smile! :) hope all is well.
    p.s. my friend used to work for serena & lily, she started with them when they first launched a few years back. their stuff is amazing! :)

  2. paige!!! so good to hear from you, lady :) kate has kept us girls all-up-to-date on your wedding...sounds like it's going to be nothing short of perfect. can't wait to see the pictures, lady. xxoo!