Wednesday, January 06, 2010

tick tock, on the clock

after ringing in the new decade, sis and i got to reminiscing about what we were doing 10 years ago.  and now we are trying to figure out, how on earth did we get to the point we are at now?  looking back makes us cringe with embarrassment, cry due to our sheer awkwardness and most definitely, squirt in our pants with laughter.

most of our readers probably knew us 10 years ago, but for those didn't - let us give you a little glimpse into what hot diva messes you were missing back in 2000. (especially you, scooby!)

little sis in 2000
  1. i could be found putting wax over my new orthodontics gadget, hoping no one would notice the metal toostie roll connected from the back of my jaw to the front. hot stuff right there
  2. trying to outgrow my self-inflicted bob hair cut
  3. wearing white eyeshadow and white eyeliner at the same time - remember, i'm a pale
  4. believing i could sing and dance - simultaneously
  5. always pining for the day when i could be a cool abercrombie girl, but instead having to settle on my old navy attire.  hey, sis worked there. i got a discount
  6. dreaming about the day i could have a boyfriend to bring home to my family (only to be disappointed a year later when he showed up with blue hair)
big sis in 2000.
  1. frantically searching for a date to prom.  i got a date but woah, i will live never to forget it
  2. racing down a bunny slope, absolutely out of control, at speeds upwards of 60 mph. catapulting over a huge snow barrier to stop 3 years old at the bottom of the hill.  surpassing orange caution tape. and ending up in the parking lot of wintergreen.  now that takes grace
  3. being dragged across a cancun beach, face down, eating sand, until i finally was lifted up by a boat/parachute out in the ocean and suddenly, i was para-sailing. i missed the part that you were supposed to run until the force of the boat and parachute lifted you up into the air. it was gritty but pretty ride. (so i wasn't the most agile teenager)
  4. thinking it's 'fun' to test out how far my lil jeep wrangler could go once the gas level was way below E. i easily ran out of gas once a month that year.  didn't phase me.
  5. wearing a rainbow of glitter on my eyelids everyday instead of eyeshadow. i could have easily been mistaken for a drag queen during freak week in key west
  6. friday night stalking - we called them drivebys - to see what 'our boys of the moment' were up to.  we're talking park way down the street, lights off, camo-style, creep into their yards, and peak into their basement window. caaa-rrraaaazy.
so in true new year's fashion, sis and i have also been thinking about resolutions and where we'd like to be in the 2020. all in all, we hope this decade turns out less humiliating but with just as many laughs.  additionally, diamond rings, a baby's cry or two, dreamhouses, a touch down in europe, south america, and, asia would all be nice too.

a girl(s)'s gotta dream, right?

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  1. oh sisses! I am proud to say I was there to witness most of these hot mess moments. My favorite, though, is the flying leap through the orange caution fence at Wintergreen - classic Katie.

    Love you both and can't wait to see what the next 10 years brings for you girls!

  2. haha, sara, shhh. that incident you were priviledged enough to witness was at ski liberty. so there have been a few ski accidents in my past ;) eek.