Tuesday, January 19, 2010

pizza pizza!

if you recall, last week i was slated to make a delicious meal up of 3 different side dishes. i had very good intentions to actually make this dinner, but when friday rolled around, i was tired, stressed, and plain lazy.  all day, i daydreamed of gooey cheesy deliciousness that is pizza. there is something about fridays, pizza, and diet cokes that go so well together.

us chantilly folks know the only place to get a decent pizza pie is pomodoro. this isn't just any pizza we're talking about.  this is ken fagan-approved pizza. our dad grew up in queens and has had his fair share of ny pies.  he even he swears by this pizza. i might even go as far to say it is the best pizza i've ever had.

i can't pinpoint what makes it so special. perhaps it's the perfect balance of a sweet and savory sauce. or the perfectly cooked pepperonis.  or the soft cornmeal crust. oe how the first bite always melts in your mouth.  it could be the quality of the mozzarella - how it melts so heavenly and bubbles and browns in just the right spots. undoubtedly, it's the generous portions - eating two slices is really like eating four. whatever it is, well done guys. 

do you tastebuds a favor.  please go try this pizza. oh and invite me along.

(photo credit - flickr.com)

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