Tuesday, January 26, 2010

return of the mmc

sweet ellen featured this old mickey mouse clubber last week on her show. i couldn't place the crooner until google images reminded me of the mousketeer.  soon after he sang, he was back for round two and this time, my lovah (jt) was with him.  oh ladies, just when jt couldn't get any hotter, he brings his little friend along with him to share the spotlight.  

next, we move onto friday night. i thought my night was headed towards boredom.  then i remembered the hope for haiti benefit was on and there the charmers were again.  if you do nothing else today, download their version of "hallelujah" on itunes.

feel free to mop me off the floor now.
i've. completely. melted.

(video credit - youtube.com)


  1. sis...i've been thinking about what to get you for your upcoming birthday celebration. I think we all remember the best gift i ever gave to you was the jessica simpson music video we produced in your family room. I'm thinking lady gaga for your 28th?

  2. oh meggles...lady gaga will certianly do. we can get kenny and brian to play the paparazzi. however, this time, i'll post the homemade video to the blog so it can really be a birthday gift to the world.

  3. lucky for everyone, i have new video editing software that will really allow us to get it right.