Wednesday, January 27, 2010

can you sew a button?

i saw a today show feature on this book a few weeks back and it seemed quite appropriate as we all fine tune our goals for 2010.  cute little erin bried spent the past year collecting the treasured wisdom of our 'mom moms,' 'nanas,' 'grandmas,' and 'meemaws.'  with all this valuable insight, she wrote how to sew a button that shares over 100 essential tips to get us young ladies through a lifetime.  she covers it all - cooking, cleaning, entertaining - the girl did her homework!

so on the today show, erin asked ann curry if she had a few of the basics covered. watching the episode, i started to check things off in my head:
  1. can you sew a button?  check
  2. can you tie a man's necktie?  check on the regular tie...but absolutely not a bowtie
  3. can you hang a picture?  check
  4. have you perfected your posture?  working on it
  5. can you roast a chicken?  check - i learned!
  6. can you dance a basic waltz?  anyone up for dance lessons?
  7. can you mix a perfect martini?  i'm not a martini girl but i should probably learn
  8. do you know how to throw a yard sale?  will figure it out when the time comes
  9. do you know how to compost?  gonna learn
  10. can you build a fire?  check
so looks like i have a few things to work on.  but check out my chicken - i'm growing!  and you can master this one yourself.  it was almost too easy.

bottom line, if you want to make grandma proud, get your copy today.

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  1. Oh KATE - how funny! I was perusing B&N the other day for a decor book for mom and a baby book for Sar, and found this one for myself. Love.