Wednesday, January 27, 2010

tea for two

sis has a design theory that everyone should have at least one collection of random items in their house to showcase. she collects globes. peg collects lanterns. meagan collects all things owl. and i've decided that i'm going to collect teacups.  naturally, i would collect something for my kitchen since i plan on spending all of my time there one day. 

i'm going for a hodge podge of new and vintage teacups with golden rims, delicate flower buds, streams and swirls of color, and dainty handles for all of the ladies to hold at my saturday afternoon tea parties.

here's what i'm thinking...

and for a little more inspiration, i found these girly-girl gems to get my collection going.
now i only need a house to call my own.


what will your collection be?

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  1. Kel, you should check out We have a teavana in our mall and i totally LOVE IT!! The teacups they have might not be your style. They are more like authentic Japanese. BUT...if you want some really yummy tea to fill your cups, teavana is the place to go!