Thursday, January 28, 2010

the headboard reinvented

last week, i mentioned i really wanted to invest in a headboard at some point this year. sweet suzie posted a little comment with a suggestion worth considering -

"i graduated to a headboard...really made me feel like an adult in the ole bedroom. mine however is homemade (penny saver). all it is is two pieces of wood nailed onto two posts (front and back), wrapped in a foam pad and then covered in your fabric of choice. i went with white, but the nice thing is you can always switch it up if you are trying to recreate your room. i love it!"

it got me thinking - "maybe i can make my own too?"  or at least, "what else is out there as an alternative to my $300-400 dream for a headboard?"

enter:  the headboard reinvented.  check out these ideas.  pretty and brilliant.

nonetheless, i feel like this could end up in my house someday if someone had their way. i better get on

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