Wednesday, October 28, 2009

so long, farwell

sis is in the dominican republic this week for a getaway and i'm stuck here in old rainy virginia with nothing to do.  i remember having this same feeling as a kid when sis would go to piano lessons and i would have to stay home.

i have the entire week off work and no sis to talk to, no blinking computer from one of her routine "morning sis" IMs, and no use for my speed dial #5.  what to do?

in the absence of entertainment from sis, i've decided to make a list of things i plan to accomplish this week.  they are mostly culinary. obvi.
  1. break bread (well not really, just make it from scratch)
  2. cook a fabulous dinner that reminds me of autumn
  3. make an apple tartlet
  4. stalk down the room # to the hotel sis is staying at, hoping she'd be as excited to hear my voice as i hers
  5. get brother to eat homemade pumpkin ravioli
  6. stir up a batch of lemongrass coconut soup for the neighbors (by their request)
  7. make these owl cupcakes for the trick-or-treaters
  8. find a halloween costume
  9. hop on a plane to the dominican and find my long lost sis
  10. convince peg to buy one of these pups
stick around for updates on this week's successes and sis - get home soon!

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