Thursday, October 01, 2009

ah-ha moment

have you had that moment when you realize your boyfriend or husband (or girlfriend/wife for our total 3 male readers out there) really loves you? yeah, he might say it all the time but beyond just those three little words, i feel like every girl has that moment when you look at your boyfriend and actually vision, with your very own eyes, that he genuinely loves you. he might do something totally unexpected. you might catch him staring at you. he might drop anything and everything to get you ben and jerry's because you really want it.

so i had my moment last night. i bought this little guy for my dearest mommy-to-be (it's on the way, brownie) -

it was sitting on my coffee table so i hold it up to BE who's laying on the couch. "can you just imagine a little angel in this thing. and look at the butt. oh i can't wait for my babe to fill it out someday."

his reaction - he picks it up, lays it across his chest, puts his hand right under the butt, and pretends little babe is napping with him on the couch. i instantly melt. and then he says, "like this, kate?"

oh looove.

p.s. he would die if i shared this. shhh.

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