Thursday, October 01, 2009

p.m. perfection

this new york magazine article got me thinking earlier this year. what is your favorite new york city night? granted the summer has past us but we can still daydream about former eves or even upcoming ones this fall.

alright, here's my go at it -

location: my rooftop.
activity: a little thing called nothing. sitting on beach chairs. tunes listening. beer drinking. communicating. heavy laughing. staring up at the city i still can't believe i live in.

temperature: 74 degrees. slight breeze, please.

soundtrack: u2 anything.

beverages: magic hat beers.

snacks: hairbo gummy bears. all dressed up ruffles (if i could actually track them down). mini weiners. maybe some late night smores.

company: BE, my girlfriends and their boy toys of the moment.

reading material: i hope not to be reading but if anything, elle decor and the latest j.crew catalog. i guess that isn't so much reading but highly likely to be in my lap.

clothing: uber-loose, uber-broken in boyfriend jeans. long sleeve thermal. j.crew sherpa lined hoodie. jack purcell kicks. and pearls somewhere, of course.

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