Wednesday, October 07, 2009

night cap

what's on your nightstand at the moment?

any good books? i am almost done with eat, pray, love...took me long enough and now julia roberts is filming the movie all over nyc. at least i will be able to say i read the book before i saw the movie and can't pre-judge the film. i actually did this with my sister's keeper too. i wanted to see it so badly and almost caved to go sit with all the other sisters on a rainy day and just sap away. but proudly, i held off. oh and this book is sitting on my nightstand too, waiting patiently to be cracked. i'm asking about for book recommendations because i'm going on vacation at the end of them on the month and need that fun, girly, borderline-embarrassing-that-you're-actually -reading-it book to come join me. and twilight doesn't count. i've held off this long. i can't handle another guilty pleasure to obsess over.
and back to nightstands. i need to find miss peg one to add to her new guest room/sis's room at the moment. i convinced her to buy this bed a few months back. then picked out a brass studded dresser and matching mirror to compliment it. oh and this bedding too. now the nightstands are necessary. a few potential options to match:

crate and barrel's nesting duo

loving crate & barrel's glass-topped tripod

my favorite of them all but ethan allen's $799 pricetag is not happening on peg's dime

i think two of these from smart bargains could are quite charming

jcpenney's nightstand looks heavy duty...but the price is nice and light
do we like any of them, ladies?
if not, i'll keep slaving. can't wait to get this project done for you girls and make you truly feel at home, sis. we're almost there.

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