Wednesday, October 07, 2009

is something burning?

i'm not really a competitive person. it doesn't bother me if someone can finish a sudoku puzzle before me. it doesn't bother me if someone is is prettier than me. it doesn't even bother me when someone makes more money than me.

but when it comes to cooking, i somehow turn into spencer pratt - a complete monster.

i have to be the best and always cook the best thing. i like to make everything perfect no matter how long it takes me. if i mess up one little thing, i've been known to start over - completely.

so you can understand my frustration last night when i was making roasted chickpeas and i smelt something burning. i opened the oven to find these burnt little turds smoking up my oven. i still don't understand what went wrong - i followed rachael ray's recipe exactly.

luckily, i'm not one to give up. i have another can of chickpeas at home. stick around for round 2.

chickpeas -1
me - 0

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