Wednesday, October 14, 2009

dine me. wine me: crostini with ricotta and goat cheese, prosciutto and cheese stuffed lamb, champagne risotto, fried ravioli, & cream polenta

sister lynn jones asked me to help plan a celebratory meal for her main squeeze. she gave me a few must-haves for the night:

1. needed to include lamb (his fav)
2. needed to be elegant
3. needed to be easy

when i think of romance and elegance, i think italian. after all, isn't it the language of love? i immediately knew to turn to my culinary bff - giada de laurentiis. i love the simplicity and rustic aspects to her recipes and i knew sister jones could handle it.

i found the most perfect lamb recipe and i gave sister jones a few options for the sides and appetizers.

appetizer: crostini with ricotta and goat cheese
main course: prosciutto and cheese stuffed lamb tenderloin
side #1: champagne risotto
side #2: fried ravioli with marinara dipping sauce
side #3: creamy polenta with arugula

lynn is a natural in the kitchen that not even a little roadblock could stop her. whole foods didn't have any lamb so she improvised with beef tenderloin. she choose side option #2 because honestly, what guy doesn't love a little fried food? check out lynn's success below:

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