Monday, December 07, 2009

picture perfect

i've always loved the idea of showcasing your family's pearly whites on a long wall in your home.  it becomes a timeline of your family's history.  a showcase of all the moments in life that are most dear. and a feature of precious snippets of time that you will can always relive.

i'm working on a gallery of frames for miss peg's home.  while i was home in november, i reorganized all of our family photos...tasked her with picking out her favorites...and promised to return in december with a plan to get all the frames up on our foyer wall.

i hope you will come by, laugh at my childhood bifocals, envy sis's baby platinum curls, heart on kenneth's half moon eyes, and remind you what love is all about when looking at mom and ton's wedding photo. it's gonna be good stuff.  stay tuned for the results...

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