Monday, December 07, 2009

gift GURU: for the hostess with the mostest

we're sure you will be holiday party hopping over the next few weeks.  and no one likes to show up empty handed.
  1. cheeky cocktail coasters - embossed coasters labled with your dirnk request. on sale for $14.50
  2. a friendly reminder - a tea towel to express your sentiments. especially since everyone loves to hang out in the kitchen at the party. $14.75
  3. you're welcome - personalized welcome mat for the hostess' doorstep. $59-69.
  4. wines that rock - great tasting wine inspired by your favorite rock music. 3 bottles for $50
  5. cork that - for the re-purposing of all those empty wine bottles post party.  $11.95
  6. odor omitter - perfect and punchy for the powder room. $4.75

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