Thursday, December 03, 2009

baked love

got a good idea. and you might've already heard of it. but this year, instead of buying presents for your 99 closest best friends, celebrate christmas with cookies. there is a baker in all of us - even if the extent of your baking is limited to the refrigerated cookie dough that you cut up in perfect little circles. 

one friend will have to volunteer to play hostess.  have all your girlfriends over, everyone bring a bottle of wine or your other favorite christmas cheer, and three-four dozen cookies each.  don't carried away at the party and starting snacking on the sweets.  instead, fill up a plate of each other's cookies to bring home with you.  you'll leave the night loving your gal pals more than ever, warm and toasty inside, and stocked in the baked goods department just in time for santa to come down your chimney.

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