Wednesday, December 09, 2009

gift GURU: the hopeless romantic

christmas brings out the best in a person, including that romantic side most forget they have.  surprise your lovah with one of our suggestions.  we're thinking you might just end up being the lucky one.

  1. lobster ornament - because we all know they mate for life. $5
  2. smitten kitten - because sometimes you just don't want to let go. $49
  3. kiss me, you fool - try this on for size and you'll be smooching all night. $32.50
  4. say it, don't spray it - the perfect way to spell out how your heart feels. $6.50
  5. the ultimate romantic comedy - a little bit of love for every kind of soul. $7.49
  6. l.o.v.e. - a daily reminder...all spelled out. $45
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