Wednesday, December 09, 2009

gift GURU: for the top chef

culinary novice or genius, here's a few ideas to knock your darling foodie's tastebuds off.
  1. tag it! - great for tabbing all your favorite recipes or ones you're just dying to test out.  $5.95
  2. protect the produce - mini storage containers for your pepper, onion, tomoato, garlic, lemon, and lime! $7.99 each
  3. salute your state - cutting boards shaped like your home state home. $19.95-39.95
  4. straight from your very own kitchen - personalized recipe box AND embosser for recipe cards. $69
  5. stack 'em high - show off the cupcake skills. $29.95
  6. spicey! - easy access to the spices courtest of this magentic rack. $124.99

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