Friday, December 04, 2009

brotherly love

dear brother,

you probably don't even know we still have this blog. but if you are still reading up on our little gem, well good. because then you will read this love shout out to you on your day.  you're 26 today, old man.  we love you for so many reasons.  here's the first 26 that come to mind:
  1. almost 9 years out of high school and you still bleed purple and white
  2. you are the only person capable of getting 'taylor' on the back of a virginia tech jersey
  3. every once in awhile, you hint at your love life. and it really flatters us. our ears are open. always open. hint hint
  4. you really take care of your friends.  and they take care of you
  5. you sign 'love, kenny' at the end of your emails to us. we really like that
  6. you paved the way in the daredevil department.  you bungey jumped and inspired us.  we can now knock off sky diving, cliff jumping, and scuba thanks to you
  7. you have the cutest little half moon eyes
  8. we share the same humor - you find it funny to prank call your own family members' hotel rooms while on vacation
  9. we don't have to give you fashion advice, you already know. tim gunn would be proud. do you even know who tim gunn is?
  10. you were never to manly to play "store" with us
  11. your little curly locks - wish we got those genes
  12. you were always looking out for our safety and teaching us how to fight off the bad guy with your WWF wrestling buddies  
  13. you color with your tongue sticking out
  14. we appreciate that you tried to teach us to golf.  sorry we've failed you in that athletic department
  15. you're a simple boy - all you asked us for this birthday is 5 pounds of haribo gummy bears
  16. your penmanship is perfection.  best handwriting award out of all three fagan kids?
  17. no one can throw a curve in bowling like you can
  18. the kid knows jewels. he loves some teal boxes with white ribbons
  19. no one can rock a tacky christmas sweater like you
  20. you're the freckliest one out of all of us
  21. you are our hero.  guitar hero that is
  22. you really do know every bartender at tots and can always get us a
  23. you wrote the entire high school yearbook your senior year. and are very proud of that accomplishment.
  24. you'll make snow angels with your sis in a mexican hotel lobby.  in july.
  25. you've had poison ivy over 20 times and way too many bouts with sun poisoning - and you're still the outdoorsman
  26. you are our third amigo. you are our third musketeer. and you're stuck in the middle. but you're also irreplaceable.
so cheers to you.
get into some fun.
have a blast.
and stay out of trouble.


your sisses

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